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Rapid advancements in technological developments have brought enormous benefits to our daily lives. However, it has also raised many public concerns over the safety and conformity of electrical and electronic products. To prevent potential hazards associated with these products, the Electrical Appliances & Materials Safety Law regulated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan aims to protect consumers and the public against unreasonable risks of dangers and disturbances resulting from electrical and electronic products that sold, manufactured, or imported into Japan.

Electrical and electronic products regulated by the Electrical Appliances & Materials Safety Law are classified under two categories:


Specified Electrical Appliances & Materials’ (Category A) Mandatory* - Item List A 

The 116 items that are under the ‘Specified Electrical Appliances & Materials’ (Category A) are particularly likely to cause potential hazards due to their structures, materials and or usage. Items must receive mandatory conformity assessment by authorized assessment bodies to obtain PSE Mark certification before the product could be sold, manufactured, or imported into Japan.


Non-Specified Electrical Appliances & Materials ‘(Category B) Item List B 

The 341 items that are under the ‘Non-Specified Electrical Appliances’ (Category B) may also obtain PSE Mark certification. Manufactures and importers of Category B items who wish to have their product types approved according to MEIT under the Electrical Appliances & Materials Safety Law may submit testing and inspection reports and makes self-declaration to obtain PSE Mark certification. 


STC provides professional and reliable PSE Mark certification services for both Category A and Category B items according to MEIT and the Electrical Appliances & Materials Safety Law. With our one-stop PSE Mark certification services, STC strives to support manufactures and importers tap into the Japanese market, enhance brand image and product competitiveness in today’s constantly evolving business landscape. 

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